Heartfelt ode

A COLLECTION of heartfelt letters written by creative Fremantle women, thanking their female musical heroes for getting them through tough times, will appear in the debut issue of Love Letters Zine.

The not-for-profit, self-published magazine will be launched on February 1, and is edited by Lola Stephan and Pamela Boland.

“It’s an ode to the musicians you turn to for help when times aren’t so peachy,” Stephan says.

“I was listening to this playlist and realised that it was the only thing that was making me feel better.

“We made this to thank all those people.”

• Love Letters editors Pamela Boland and Lola Stephan. Photo by Alice Angeloni

In addition to the letters, the 70-page magazine features interviews with bands, articles about the importance of gender diversity in the music industry and works by local writers, photographers, artists and activists.

The cover story will feature East Coast artist Julia Jacklin, whose album helped Stephan through some testing times.

“Her debut album has soundtracked some of my major life changes and been shared back and forth with friends feeling similar shifts,” she says.

“So it was incredibly special to chat with Julia about her life and work for issue one.”

There’ll be a launch party for Love Letters Zine at Mojo’s on February 1, featuring a diverse range of Fremantle and Perth musicians, including Childsaint, Ruby May and Demon Days, with the zine on sale for $10.


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