Circle route for answers

AN elderly resident says she’s been left to wait for the bus in scorching heat after Fremantle council removed a bus shelter on Amherst Street without warning.

Fay Kennedy says she uses the shelter at least once a week and is worried about winter.

“We had a perfectly solid concrete bus shelter. I just want to know what’s happening and why,” she told the Herald.

Ms Kennedy said when she tried to get some answers, she got the run-around.

She tried local MP Simone McGurk, transport minister Rita Saffioti’s office and health minister Roger Cook’s office, who all referred her to other state departments who denied responsibility.

The Herald took the matter to Freo council, which says it  removed the shelter due to safety concerns.

“The shelter was one of those old concrete ones from maybe the 60s or 70s and it was falling down, so concrete cancer was a concern,” says council media advisor Tim Whyte.

“Patronage figures from the Public Transport Authority show that the number of people boarding a bus at this stop is low, and therefore the city has decided that a replacement bus shelter is not a viable option at this stage.

“We will however be installing a bench at this bus stop next month.”

Mr Whyte agrees Ms Kennedy’s search for answers would have been frustrating.

He says the PTA is in charge of bus stop placement and core infrastructure, while the City is responsible for determining whether a shelter or seat is necessary.

“It’s one of those things where there is a split responsibility, it can be hard for people to work out who is responsible for what.


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