LETTERS 10.3.18

Dowsoned out
DEAR John,
It’s over.
Sorry Mr Dowson, but your page-long rant (advert) in the Herald about heritage has put an end to our relationship. The opinions expressed in the advert declaring what ‘works’ and ‘what doesn’t work’ are both misleading and alarmist and are just that…opinions.
Opinions not shared by me and the many other ratepayers of Freo who saw fit to re-elect the current mayor and other councillors at the recent election.
No, sorry John. It’s definitely over.
Paul Winnacott
High Street, Fremantle 

Driving me crazy
When I read your article “Peed Off” (Herald, March 13, 2018), you had me convinced you had expanded your Fake Ad to feature articles.
But no you had not.
I also double checked that it was not April Fool’s Day.
So if it was a genuine news item, I am so bewildered that a reasonable intelligent person, accepted into university and Student Association Official, could come up with a such a heart-bleeding story of deprived university students who must pay for parking.
To also come out with Notre Dame students are forced to pay more for parking than all university students in WA. Well, I would like to see that.
City of Fremantle cops a lot of unwarranted flak too often, but one big advantage it does have, is that it’s a serious transport hub.
Please tell me which other WA university has so many public transport options terminating so close to their campus.
Tell me why so many Notre Dame students are reliant on motor vehicles for transport; would not the cost of running a vehicle be better served towards funding their education and lifestyle? And of course there is climate change.
Please tell me Chook you were just kidding us readers.
Leon Flanagan
Jean Street, Beaconsfield

Keep Freo’s integrity
I HAVE lived in Fremantle since 1978 and have seen many changes in this time. Some of these have been for the better, some not so good perhaps.
Many recent developments as highlighted by the Fremantle Society in your paper last weekend, have been out of scale; and not what we should be encouraging for our city.
I don’t mean I want fake “new” heritage, but we need to keep heights down so that heritage buildings aren’t dwarfed by new development.
The Herald Thinking AllowedHeritage Lip Service” (February 24, 2018), also highlighted the need for council to take extra care; and to not allow important heritage buildings to be changed so much that they lose their integrity.
Ross O’Neil

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