Hipster meds

A room where medicines are prepared and provided” reads the menu of High Street Dispensary, which may explain the abundance of Notre Dame students inside waiting for their morning caffeine fix.

HSD, as it’s known by locals, has been a favoured coffee spot for a while now, and we were aching to try some of their food.

After managing to grab a couple of seats outside, we were spoilt for choice by a menu which boasts a variety of freshly made food and specialty coffee.

We began with two slices of Healthy + Open Loaded Toast ($12), one with mushroom and the other with smashed avocado.

Just when we thought hummus couldn’t get any better, we tasted the Dispensary’s garlic incarnation.

It was delicious and perfectly complemented the marinated smoky mushrooms and sprouted quinoa loaf.

The smashed avocado paired with a touch of lemon tasted divine, and was worth sacrificing a mortgage for.

Both dishes, topped with fresh herbs and mixed sesame, offered a fresh, wholesome range of flavours, and we were unable to fault the loaded toast.

We couldn’t eat at the Dispensary without trying an undeniable Freo favourite—the smoothie bowl ($13).

With various healthy and mouth-watering options, we eventually decided on Bingo Bango (mango, banana, chia, walnuts, and coconut Mylk) for our base and topped it with Passionate (strawberry, passionfruit, inca berries, almonds, and organic honey).

The vibrant bowl tasted as goods as it looked, with each spoonful containing a new burst of flavour.

A lightly toasted raspberry and white chocolate muffin ($5) went down a treat with our small flat whites ($4 each). As avid coffee drinkers, we’ve found ourselves in just about every cafe in Freo, but we always find our way back to the Dispensary.

Its famed coffee is consistently brewed to perfection, at just the right temperature and with the smooth taste you’ve been craving since you woke up.

With a range of delicious, healthy food and well-balanced coffee, it isn’t hard to see why High Street Dispensary has a long line of students and locals queuing up.


High Street Dispensary
33 High Street, Fremantle

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