LETTERS 31.3.18

Thanks, Chook
WE would like to congratulate the Herald for its apology to Claudia Green over the unsubstantiated claim of disruptive behaviour by her toward the Fremantle Society, made by President John Dowson on behalf of the Fremantle Society committee during the local government election last year.
It was a sad situation for those of us who put an enormous effort in time and money into her campaign only to have the leadership of a reputable organisation make this serious accusation, which to this day they have never clarified, let alone substantiated.
It is time for the Society to retract and apologise as they have been repeatedly asked to do.
Richard Mehan, Maryrose
Baker and Suzanne John
High St, Fremantle

A failure to communicate
YET again the City of Fremantle steps on society without consultation.
Recently our street received yet another letter from the city telling residents what will happen without any consultation.
Businesses in the street have decided with the city that street parking will now move from the north side to the south side, gaining five parking bays.
The street is already a ‘rat-run’ with speeders cutting through, hence the two distinctive black strips from the tyres running down the street.
The intersection of Parmelia Street is also the meeting place of all cars passing through.
It is the intersection where a public lane enters the park.
Trees line the north side of the street and what better place to park your car.
A cool car is a safer car. Placing children and pets into a hot car is not diligent.
Diligence and a safety risk audit of the changes has not been done.
How many times will the brick fence be run down in the corner? It’s not funny any more.
Moving parking to the south side will increase the blind spot and risk of collision by several times over.
I know; I live close by and watch the speed and how vehicles come head on at the intersection.
But what of the trucks that come up the street?
How will the rubbish truck get around the corner and how will the semi trailers get around?
I have looked at the engineering changes in Fremantle over the past two years and give the city a score of 4/10.
Yes, I am qualified to say so.
Well, if the city is taking requests from businesses to help get them some extra parking, then I’ve got one as well; how about whacking up some bollards to protect pedestrians from the customers that currently park over the footpath.
Failure to do so would be considered discrimination.
Let’s not even talk about the 16 rubbish bins that block off the footpath as that is yet another story.
Some of us are three generations in this area so we are well qualified to say what we think works and what doesn’t.
William West
Harbour Rd, South Fremantle 

Oh, such a perfect day
BLUE skies, perfect temperature and lots of people of all shapes and sizes—brunette, blonde, raven, young, younger, old, older, perfect gender balance, different languages, different accents, excellent fare and the common denominator is? Everyone is smiling.
And the location is? South Beach
What a way to spend a day.
Mattie Turnbull
Daly St, South Fremantle

Watery grave
THE debate surrounding the proposed Alfred Cove Wave Park seems to have missed one important point.
Any business venture, be it a pie shop, a plumbing warehouse or a merchant bank, would normally be established on privately-owned commercial land.
It is virtually unheard of for any business to expect to locate its enterprise on government or council owned land.
Not so the Wave Park.
And for the City of Melville to agree to supply the land necessary for this venture, it is acting as an entrepreneur with all the risks such action embraces.
It is acting as a joint venture partner.
What if the Wave Park fails?
In recent decades we have seen the enthusiastic birth of squash courts, video libraries record and CD shops, most of which have met their demise.
If the Wave Park does fail and ends up in the hands of a receiver, there is likely to be a financial loss to the council and the cost of rehabilitating the site would be considerable.
The council cannot be indemnified against the Wave Park failing.
If there is to be a commercial enterprise such as the Wave Park it must be on privately owned land.
The risk in placing it on council land is unacceptable.
Paul Redman
Windelya Rd, Murdoch

Give it back
THERE’S been a suggestion that Melville council’s surplus of $3 million from the last financial year could offset future rate rises.
As at 30 June 2017, the City of Melville had cash reserves of about $125 million.
That’s an increase of 33 per cent in one year!
How has this occurred?
It’s not prudent cash management; it’s not conservative budgeting as the CEO Dr Silcox proclaims.
It’s simply a combination of over-budgeting and under-spending (known as lazy or soft budgeting, in industry).
This must be recognised for what it is and cease without the camouflage of accolades for a positive annual result.
The city has accumulated cash reserves at such a rapid rate that they actually cannot spend it. So they put it into various well-named reserve accounts. When they ran out of reserve accounts, they invented another one called the Rates Equalisation Reserve. Only trouble is, they’ve never used it to reduce rates!
As at 30 June 2017, the Rates Equalisation Reserve was $4.8 million. An increase of 269 per cent over the previous year.
So why not give the over-charged ratepayers a break and reduce rates?
Future generations are already taken care of with City facility upgrades such as the pool, gyms, bowls clubs etc. So infrastructure is improved and maintained in workable condition.
Rates have increased since 2008 (when the current CEO was employed) by a whopping 66 per cent plus.
Give us a break Mr CEO and reduce current ratepayers’ exorbitant rate charges.
Jim Nicholson

Charity impost
REGARDING the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill being debated by parliament.
We are deeply concerned about the implications of this bill.
It would be a draconian measure forcing charity and grassroots organisation into a morass of registration and complex rules, which they would have to comply with or face prison.
This does not apply to business.
We are dismayed that this can even be considered
Pat and John Darby
Birch St, Attadale

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