A southern convert

EAST Ward by-election candidate Tony Toledo says he was vehemently opposed to Roe 8 until moving to Cockburn.

“Having lived in the area and spoken to all of my neighbours, and after door knocking almost 12,000 properties, the overwhelming sense is that Roe 8 is needed,”

Mr Toledo says he became a Roe 8 convert after being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes every day and regularly driving past car crashes.

“I’m worried about my 17-year-old son who’s just learnt to drive,” he says. “Merging into the traffic on Armadale Road—it’s absolutely dangerous.

“I’m worried about my 14-year-old son who can’t ride his bike to Cockburn Central like he used to when he was in Freo, because the roads are mad.”

• Tony Toledo

Four years ago Mr Toledo unsuccessfully ran for South Ward on Fremantle Council, and eventually moved to Cockburn because he was “sick of Fremantle politics”.

But he says he’s disappointed to find it’s no different in his new patch, after Cockburn deputy mayor Lee-Anne Smith asked him to drop out the by-election to avoiding splitting the Labor vote.

“I wanted to run in a council I believed was a fair playing field and I’ve found it’s exactly the same,” he sighs.

“It shows that Cockburn and Fremantle are infiltrated with party politics and it’s time that it stops. The only way to stop this is with compulsory voting,” he says, adding that he’ll lobby for it if he’s elected to council.

Mr Toledo says he his campaign is self-funded: “I’m a one-man-band—as I was in Fremantle”.

He is pushing for more transparency, accountability and better transport links between Cockburn’s suburbs.


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