Leeming ‘forgotten’

LARA KIRKWOOD says she’s running in Cockburn’s east ward by-election on a small platform of making sure bins get collected, roads get fixed and making sure residents get a voice.

One group she thinks aren’t currently being heard are Cockburn’s little slice of Leeming, and she reckons they’re paying for Labor’s decision to cancel Roe 8.

“I do want to see the Murdoch Activity Centre link go back to the original plan,” she told the Herald.

Ms Kirkwood says since the number of exits on the Murdoch link have been reduced, traffic will be funnelled into Leeming.

• Lara Kirkwood

“The MAC link has created a problem which means all the traffic is still going to go down Farrington Road and into Jandakot, and Leeming residents are furious,” she said.

“They’re not being heard. So that’s why I’m running; they are sort of forgotten residents.”

Ms Kirkwood says she’ll also be seeking to protect the rural amenity of Banjup, and make sure all residents—not just the loudest ones—get to benefit when the council releases its resources plan for Jandakot.

“I’m passionate about the community and all I want to see is stuff gets done,” she says.

Ms Kirkwood founded Cockburn Chat Facebook page, was also previously the president of the Aubin Grove residents association and organised the successful “Widen the Freeway” petition.

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