Illegal clearing mystery

COCKBURN council says it will replant a small area of coastal bush that was illegally cleared in North Coogee, but doesn’t have enough evidence to prosecute anyone.

The clearing is likely to have occurred back in November 2016, but was investigated this week after Fremantle councillor Adin Lang decided there was something fishy about the disappearance of a couple of semi-mature Rottnest Island Teatrees and some knotted club-rush and templetonia.

“I’d noticed it for a while, but then after talking to some others down at the beach I decided something had to be done,” Cr Lang told the Herald.

• Fremantle councillor Adin Lang’s blown the whistle on illegal clearing in Cockburn.

“People shouldn’t be able to get away with this, because it just encourages others to do the same thing.”

The clearing is directly in front of a popular cafe’s alfresco area, but the council’s environment manager Chris Beaton says there’s no direct evidence as to who was responsible.

“It appears the vegetation was cleared without the city’s knowledge,” Mr Beaton said. “The city is intending to have this area landscaped. The design is yet to be finalised.”

Cr Lang, who’s a landcare officer in his day job, says he doesn’t want to point the finger at anyone, but would really like to see the bushland replaced, including the trees despite the dent they put in nearby coffee drinkers’ views.


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