LETTERS 7.4.18

Let’s politicise sport
THE Australian Republic Movement welcomes Prince Charles to Australia for the Commonwealth Games.
The Games are a wonderful institution and the Commonwealth of Nations is a force for good in the world.
It has long outgrown its origins as a colonial club.
Two of its newest members, Rwanda and Mozambique, have no historical connection to Britain at all.
Only 16 of the 53 member nations of the Commonwealth still have the British Monarch as their head of state: almost two-thirds are republics, including Gambia who rejoined in February this year.
Athletes from some of the world’s greatest republics—nations like India, South Africa and Singapore—will compete on the Gold Coast.
We welcome them especially; their friendly participation is a window into Australia’s future as a truly independent nation joined to the Commonwealth by ties of friendship, not hereditary privilege.
The Republic campaign has previously invited the Prince to use this visit to speak to Australians about why he believes he should be Australia’s head of state.
While the Prince has replied through officials indicating he is not available, the invitation remains open.
We believe Australians deserve to know why Prince Charles wants the job and what he wants to do with it.
Australians also deserve to know how much the Prince’s visit will cost us all.
Seven years ago the Queen and her husband visited and this cost Australians more than $2.6 million.
What will this month’s visit cost?
How much will we pay for the military plane which will fly the Prince and his wife from Singapore to Brisbane?
Will we also pay to fly the Prince’s wife home early while his visit continues?
Is it true Australians are also paying for the Prince to visit Vanuatu from Australia?
Why is this – and at what cost?
What is the cost to state and local governments of extra policing and other local arrangements?
These are questions for the Australian Government—and they provoke questions for monarchists, who frequently cite cost as an objection to Australia having an Australian as our head of state.
Michael Cooney,
National Director and CEO,
Australian Republic Movement

Wave goodbye to nature
LARGE groups of people, the elderly, the young and even babies in prams pass through this area, along Atwell House, and on towards the viewing platform, enjoying the water birds, their chorus and their antics.
It is a stress-free and rather special walk. The wave park wall will vastly diminish this enjoyment if not negate it altogether.
Do these Melville councillors who support this unnecessary “park” understand the environment they will undermine should this “park” go ahead?
Is there any concern on council for the express wishes of many of their electors?
Please don’t build this “park”.
A L Braganza

Off quay
I WISH to draw to your attention to mistakes in the article “All the Teapots in China” (Herald, March 31, 2018).
First and foremost I am not an indigenous artist . Your writer has confused me with Sandra Hill who collaborated with Jenny Dawson on the Elizabeth Quay project. I did help with making aspects of this project but Sandra Hill was the indigenous artist who designed it with Jenny Dawson.
I am Sandra Black, live in South Fremantle and am known for my porcelain ceramic vessels. I  will also be an exhibitor in Shanghai, China at the Noble Seafood Restaurant’s final international “Year of the Dog” Teapot exhibition.
The exhibition is curated by Taiwanese ceramic artist and Gallery owner of Degas Art Space Hwang Jeng –daw in association with the owner of the above mentioned Restaurants gallery.  The vessels in this and previous exhibitions are purchased by the owner of the restaurant to later be donated to the city of Shanghai in a purpose built museum of teapots.
Sandra Black
South Fremantle
The Ed says: We’re so sorry, Sandra, you’re dead right. The mistake was made by the reporter who can’t read Google search results properly.

Little brother
JUST a little note regarding the article where police were criticised for tasering a man in Fremantle (“Police criticised for tasering”, Herald, March 24, 2018).
On the second page, police minister Michelle Roberts warns us all that we should “expect to be under surveillance 24/7”.
This could not be put better, than saying we are a police state.
Mott Mott
The Ed says: The statement did surprise us as well, although Ms Roberts was talking about the proliferation of mobile phones, which kind of means we’re policing ourselves.

Red hot marketing
PLEASE send a reporter to the Fremantle market at the weekend to see how dangerous it would be if there was an accident or fire broke out.
It seems that they took on more lessees than what the market allow for, and those extra traders take up the walkway and passages.
If something went wrong or people were panicking then children would be the first to suffer.
Please check and raise the issue with the relevant authorities before it’s too late.
Neil (Nghia) Nguyen
McDonald Street, Joondanna

Divine intervention needed
OH, Manna Wholefoods.
We all love, love your shop.
We love all the supplies you have and especially love all the delicious food you make. But getting in and out is becoming hazardous.
If you don’t get whacked by the chain mail, you are likely to get a smoothie dropped on you, or a shopping bag gouging your leg.
Is there a chance things can be reconfigured?
Perhaps open the second door and have a cashpoint at the food area?
Maybe make more space for the customers at the food area?
That would relieve the stress of lunchtime so much.
Jude Bunn
Little Lefroy Lane, South Fremantle

A wet solution
WHAT an excellent letter from Paul Redman of Murdoch (“Watery Grave”, Herald, March 31, 2018), concerning the siting of the Wave Park on council-owned Tomkins Park.
In the same issue there was a report of rubbish dumping on the disused VISY Warehouse car park and the anti-social use of the warehouse itself.
One of the nearby business owners Mr Smith said that “anything would be better than what it is now”.
Perhaps the Wave Park proposal could be moved to that location—commercial land and not in a reserve, pleasing everyone.
This is not an April Fools Joke.
Caroline Hooper
Reynolds Road, Mount Pleasant

Hard-headed council
COULD someone tell us why Fremantle City Council keeps taking our signs and buckets away?
Every second day they are being taken away by the work crew—we’re up to our 12th bucket and 12th sign.
All the signs say is “Fill your bucket and stack here.”
All we are trying to do as a group is our little bit to remove the rocks and rubble off the shoreline at Port Beach, and stack them ready for the Fremantle Council to pick up and dump.
Please council, we are only trying to help you.
Paul Gabbedy
The Rock Collectors of Port
Beach, Bicton

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