Seniors plead for crossing

SENIORS living near Melville Plaza have called on Melville council to install pedestrian crossings on Murray Road because it’s too dangerous crossing over to the shops.

The suburb surrounding the shopping centre is heavy with retirement and aged care housing, but many say the area’s increasing traffic threatens to trap them in their homes.

Hazel Smith reckons her hubby’s daily trip up the road to the newsagent with his walking frame should be a healthy exercise to keep him going for years, but he’s had to include so many detours to get there safely it’s become exhausting and he now needs three rests along the way.

Roma Rocchiccioli reckons she’s up at the shops three or four times a day. “It’s terrible,” she says of the traffic.

“People are turning into Murray because you can’t turn right onto Canning Highway, and because it’s suddenly on them they don’t use their flickers. You really have to keep your eye on them.”

• Cr June Barton with Graham Parry, Roma Rocchiccioli, John Piper and Hazel Smith, who say crossing the road into Melville Plaza is too dangerous for seniors. Photo by Steve Grant

Ms Rocchiccioli says she’s still fit and finds it tricky, so says it must be a real ordeal for her less agile neighbours.

Graham Parry says he’s asked the council to ban cars parking on the western side of the street because they block the view of anyone driving south, but reckons no one listened.

Local councillor June Barton is supporting the residents and says a crosswalk would be the ideal outcome, although a raised platform to slow drivers down would be a fair runners-up prize.

Cr Barton says she’s also asked the centre managers to remove a fence which for some inexplicable reason blocks a footpath into the centre and forces the retirees onto the driveway.

Cr Barton says any seniors who’d be interested in helping mount a campaign should contact her on 9339 2973.


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