ANZAC drone grounded

FREMANTLE council says it has “no intention” of using a drone at next year’s ANZAC dawn service, following a backlash over a noisy drone at this year’s event.

The city commissioned a drone operator to take promotional images and document crowd numbers at the Monument Hill service, but it didn’t go down well with attendees and war veterans (“Drone Disgrace”, Herald, April 28, 2018).

RSL state president John McCourt told the Herald he took a “very dim view” of drones being used in ANZAC services.

He says drone pilots had contacted the RSL about covering the Kings Park Service, but they had decided it was not appropriate.

Following the debacle at Monument Hill, he says he will not encourage drone use at future ANZAC services.

A council spokesperson says the drone pilot had assured them that they flew it respectfully and abided by Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations, which prohibits drone pilots from flying their aircraft above or within 30 metres of any people.

The city claims there was another drone in the area, but attendee Joel Robinson says there was only one at the service and he watched it land and launch repeatedly 300m north-west of the monument.


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