Apology to Herbert Bropho

He did not swear at the mayor

THE Fremantle Herald extends an apology to respected Aboriginal elder Herbert Bropho.

IN last week’s edition of the Fremantle Herald a photo of Mr Bropho was placed above a news report of a heated Fremantle council meeting which was deciding upon a 300-person tavern at the Roundhouse.

The headline, “‘Fuck you Brad’”, was approved by me as it reflected the mood of the rowdy meeting, punctuated by foot-stomping and ejections.

Anyone who did not fully read the story may have concluded Mr Bropho, who was at the meeting, said those words. He did not.

The words were shouted out to the mayor Brad Pettitt and the council by a young woman as she stormed out of the meeting believing objections to the tavern were not being properly heard.

The Herald sincerely regrets any discomfort Mr Bropho may have felt.

Furthermore we have invited Mr Bropho to express his thoughts as part of a broader article in the Herald which would focus on his concerns the council has not adequately consulted the city’s traditional owners.

editor in chief

2 responses to “Apology to Herbert Bropho

  1. Mr Smith.
    Your light apology is insufficient. Your desire to sell your wears through division and racism has brought shame to the Fremantle Herald. You have shown yourself to be without honour and indeed questions your integrity as a journalist.
    The only honourable course of action left is for you to accept your contempt of your paper and readers, and stand down as “editor in chief”.

  2. Andrew,

    Good to see a clear apology for this poor miscalculation in your sub-editing! I hope it will be prominently featured in the Freo Herald.

    I endorse your concept for a further article highlighting Mr Bropho’s many concerns and look forward to seeing it soon in your newspaper.


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