Channelling the chill

WHILE most North Freo residents were no doubt tucked up under layers of doona and blanket in the wee hours of Friday June 6, neighbour Serena Wells was busy swimming to work.

Ms Wells planned the chilly morning dip to help her get to work at the Minderoo Foundation in Nedlands where she’s company secretary, as well as to get in condition for a crack at swimming the English Channel in September.

“Given the English Channel water temperature can range between 13C and 17C and part of this swim will occur during the night, a big part of my training involves acclimatising to cold water as well as getting used to swimming in the dark,” Ms Wells said.

• Serena Wells. Photo supplied

Solo swim

She was expecting to start her odd commute at 4.30am and said she’d be hugging the shore along the 11.5km route. She thinks it’ll take anywhere between three or four hours depending on the current.

Ms Wells says her solo swim of the channel will also to help raise funds for the Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees, the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, and Lifeline WA. There’s a pretty long URL to get to the fundraising page, but we found it pretty easily by heading to and typing Ms Wells’ name into the search function.

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