It’s party time

AUTISM WEST will celebrate its 10th birthday with a fundraising cocktail party and live auction on June 15 at Stackwood in Fremantle.

Last year the not-for-profit organisation, founded by parents to advocate for families with autistic kids, relocated to a dedicated centre on the ground floor of Fremantle Hospital.

AW founder Silvana Gaglia says that once autistic pupils leave school there is a lack of social support, so they are now focusing on providing teenagers, school leavers and young adults with life skills.

“We’re trying to give them their own voice and the confidence to be who they are,” she says.

• Autism West Founder Silvana Gaglia (in red top) next to her son Julian, who delivers the Fremantle Herald. Photo by Alice Angeloni

“Everyone wants our kids to conform, but we think, ‘well our kids have autism but they’re still individuals and just because they think differently, doesn’t mean they’re doing things wrong’.”

“I don’t think we’re any closer to finding or understanding the cause. I think we are better at diagnosing it and starting early intervention.”

To buy tickets for the fundraiser go to


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