Been there, dung that

FIRST it was discarded toothbrushes and washed-up thong sculptures, now Freo artist Sandy McKendrick has discovered winning ways with  camel poo.

The long-time Freo gal was recently at Uluru for her partner Mark’s 60th birthday, with their two children buying the pair a camel ride  for the celebration.

But once hubby had his time in the sun, McKendrick decided it was time to unleash Pearl the Guerrilla Granny, a mischievous character who’s popped up at many Fremantle events.

“The character Pearl the Guerrilla Granny emerged from a desire to challenge the perception of age and have damn good fun at the same time,” says McKendrick.

• Sandy McKendrick (it’s not hard to pick which one that is) in her Guerrilla Pearl outfit, complete with camel dung necklace.

Turns out the couple were at Uluru just in time for the annual camel races and fashion parade.

“So the night before I collected the best shiny camel dung that I could find at the campsite and strung them up in a necklace, along with my usual pearls and another handcrafted necklace of eucalyptus seed caps,” says McKendrick.

“The kids at the campsite thought it was hilarious and disgusting that I was collecting fresh camel poo and threading them for a necklace – they were a bit rich!”

But the unorthodox bling caught the eye of the fashion judges, who crowned McKendrick best dressed lady at the cup. Ironically, the prize was some fine jewellery.


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