LETTERS 16.6.18

Lobby for nature 
EXCELLENT news in the June 9 Herald regarding the creation of an A Class conservation reserve around North Lake, ultimately saving this part of the Beeliar Wetlands and ensuring the protection of this “environmental jewel in Perth’s metropolitan region”.
Now it is entirely within the grasp of the two ministers involved in this decision—planning minister Rita Saffioti and environment minister Stephen Dawson—to protect another jewel in our crown.
A proposal to build an artificial wave park adjacent to the Alfred Cove A-Class Nature Reserve has been under review by the Environmental Protection Authority.
Their decision has just been released and they have decided that the proposal will not be assessed under Part 1V of the EP Act.
This is appealable and will then be put before the two relevant ministers to make the final decision.
It is now up to the many hundreds of people who have been fighting very hard for a long time to not only send in their appeals to the EPA but also to write to the two ministers and their own MPs.
There is only a tiny sliver of the original fringing vegetation along the Swan River Estuary remaining, so we must protect and enhance what is left.
The Marine Park and the three associated A-Class Nature Reserves provide sanctuary for native fauna, and birds move between the three areas on a daily basis, foraging, roosting and breeding.
Threatened trans-equatorial migratory wading birds visit every year but their numbers are declining as their feeding areas diminish or are put under threat.
A large, noisy, man-made facility such as is proposed is entirely out of keeping for such a fragile area.
The facility will come within five metres of the wetlands at various points of its footprint and this is just too close.
Robin Napier

Genius Roe 8 
YOUR front page article “A-Class Protection” in last week’s Herald refers to Roe 8 as “the final act of bastardry by the previous government”.
Well, if you ask me and many thousands of others, the cancellation of Roe 8 was “the first act of bastardry by the new government”.
As a rusted-on Liberal voter, even I have to admit that the Barnett government was a train wreck. But old Col did have two good ideas – Optus Stadium (stupid name – it should be renamed Barnett Field) and Roe 8.
The highway would have alleviated all the nightmares we have to endure with the carparks that Leach Highway, South Street and Farrington Road have become.
The piddling “upgrades” that Josh Wilson and Rita Saffioti harp on about are just bandaids.
Roe 8 was simply genius, unfortunately it was just beyond the grasp and comprehension of this bunch of losers that got voted into power.
They let themselves be talked out of it by the usual suspects – the loony-left greenie rabble.
Gary Carter
Woodlea Crest, Leeming

OH dear, we do have some sensitive little possums out there in Freo’s Wonderland.
Are these critics of the Herald so far removed from reality that they don’t realise the term ‘fuck’ was officially adopted into the language many years ago?
Sometimes you even hear people in the street using it.
In the context of its use in the story it simply means “vulgar slang”. Most enlightened newspapers, those of repute anyway, stopped beating around the bush and call a spade a spade these days, and ‘fuck’ is ‘fuck’ in anybody’s language. Yet nobody commented when Fremantle Cr Rachel Pemberton was quoted saying festival goers were wearing “Fuck me boots” in an article in the January 26 Herald.
I have always wondered who “Off” actually is, but he or she seems to be very popular. Maybe the sensitive souls of Wonderland should take a deep breath and get rooted.
Roger Garwood
Attfield Street, Fremantle

Let’s help George
WHEN I  first moved to East Fremantle in 2001, part of the enjoyment of living near George Street was the Old George hotel which had  become an arts centre for both gallery and art studios.
Sadly they were moved out for “better things to come”, and now this poor dilapidated building has been abandoned by the National Trust.
Thanks to the effort of the council there are plans to restore it and in an attempt to recover costs to attach hotel and housing behind it.
Many want to see this lovely building restored. There are many skilled people I am sure who could combine to make a joint community project if given the opportunity.
There are those either retired or made redundant, who I suggest may work together under one umbrella for this potentially exciting project.
A pipe dream? Perhaps…but better than being overshadowed by a multi-storey high rise if that is the only solution.
Cynthia Innes
and Geoff Addison
Hubble Street, East Fremantle 

Back it up
I REFER to the Herald article “Silcox waves goodbye” (May 26, 2018).
Cr Tim Barling mentioned two of Mr Silcox’s achievements over the past 10 years as CEO at Melville council.
1. He said “…. there have been some incredible achievement ( sic) in terms of environmental issues,…”
2. “… .that Melville was facing million-dollar losses from its investments when Dr Silcox arrived, but in the last two years had topped a statewide ranking that measured the financial sustainability of councils .”
I don’t mind a little bit of embellishment when it comes to singing someone’s praises but it should be backed up with facts otherwise it becomes a mistruth.
Could Cr Barling please explain and give examples of these “incredible achievement (sic)”, as I don’t know of any. How did the CEO achieve this “financial sustainability”?
The city lost approx $23 million in collateralized debt obligations.
As the city has refused to state how much has been lost from the CDO “investments” I have done my own calculations incorporating an opportunity cost of $13.9 million and an actual loss of $9.3m making a total estimated loss of $23.2m.
It took 10 years of excessive rate increases by the CEO – approved of course by the weak majority of councillors – to increase the city’s cash reserves and achieve this “financial sustainability” to which Cr Barling refers. Nothing fantastic about that – it’s just plain over-rating and under-spending.
Anybody can do that.
Effie Nicholson
Former Councillor,
City of Melville

Well done
REGARDING the Herald article “Freo Goes FOGO” (June 2, 2018).
As noted, nobody likes a rate hike but I am a happy ratepayer willing to embrace the Fremantle council initiative that will help reduce landfill.
Love it that the council is pro-active on this issue that affects us all.
Well done, Freo, wish it could start sooner.
Anne-Louise Willoughby
Fothergill Street, Fremantle

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