In the Deep

DOME’S new Deepwater Point cafe has had a bumpy start, but staff reckon things are back on track and are predicting it’ll have a great future.

The cafe’s opening was delayed because of problems getting enough power to the site from the Western Power network, and a generator has been installed as a temporary fix, but as one of their customers discovered on her first visit it hasn’t been entirely reliable.

Carolyn had been looking forward to visiting the cafe for the first time with her regular Monday morning group.

“Just got our orders in and paid for and were looking forward to our coffee when the power went out,” she says.

“We had to sit there for about half an hour while the electrician came out. He then took about quarter of an hour to fix it.

“Then instead of seeing to customers who had already ordered and paid, everyone else got lined up and got served.

Carolyn says staff apologised and offered freebies to make up for the slip-up, but on her next trip to the cafe a week later, she found part of the cafe closed because of a water leak.

“That place is jinxed,” she said.

• A bumpy start for Dome, but staff say things are sailing smoothly now. Photo by Harriet Burrows

But Bella, who works at the cafe, said it all just needed a “quick fix” and they’ve now got a steady stream of regulars coming in.

”Everything’s going smoothly,” she said.

“Someone’s here every day and we’ve got a good little client base.”

Bella says there’s plans for a kid’s playground and a function room which will be open for use in summer.

“When the whole area’s open, it will be nice,” she said.

Nearby, things weren’t going so rosy for Kerbside Cafe, a family-owned truck that had been filling locals’ caffeine fix in between the Deep Water Point Cafe closing and Dome opening.

They’d moved along to Mt Henry Bridge reserve once Dome moved in, but Melville council withdrew their trading permit after a single complaint about blocking a car park.

Regular customers were quick to throw their support behind owners Loren and Clint Gardner, and earlier this week Melville backflipped and have offered them a 12-month lease.


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