Off and running for Strickland upgrade

DOG walking, socialising, relaxing and running and rolling up and down the hills; Ardross residents are getting their say about what they love about Shirley Strickland Reserve and how they’d like to see it improved.

Melville council has allocated just over $6 million to upgrade the Ardross reserve’s ageing facilities this year, and is poised to appoint architects.

It’s already committed to replacing the current pavilion with a new two-storey version with change rooms, toilets and seating for spectators

• Dogwalkers who were narked at plans to move bowlers to Shirley Strickland reserve have told of their love of getting together. File

Picnic area

There’ll also be a new picnic area, nature playground, cricket wicket, fitness loop around the park, exercise equipment and measures to protect the park’s lush bushland canopy.

But conscious of the strong backlash after it mooted shifting the Mt Pleasant bowls club there back in 2016, it’s doing a final check with residents about how they use the park and how any changes will affect them.

“My kids love running/rolling up these hills,” says Mj on the council’s interactive consultation website.

“I often gather here with other dog owners, year round, to speak with people from the surrounding suburbs and enjoy the interactions between our pets. It seems to bring everyone together regardless of any other details; just simple and relaxing activity,” says MarkyMark.

Fenced dogs

A number of dog owners called for a fenced exercise area for their pets, saying it was easier to control them and safer for other park users.

Many said a quiet walk or sitting under the trees was a pleasant way of whiling away an afternoon, although a few grumbled the bushy edges of the park didn’t look maintained.

Consultation finishes this weekend, but there’ll be community workshops once the architects are appointed.

Part of the funding for the works will come from the sale of land currently housing the Mt Pleasant bowls club.


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