Diverse appeal

SOUTH AFRICAN guitar master Derek Gripper will be making his only WA appearance in Fremantle at the PS Art Space next week.

The show was organised by Freo entrepreneur Mark Cain, who champions diversity and has been giving world music more stage time.

“World music is the vehicle that gives people new ways of seeing and hearing,” Mr Cain told the Herald over a hot chocolate in the PSAS cafe.

“We owe it to ourselves as part of our life education to embrace the other,” he says.

“Embrace other languages, different ways of thinking, different ways of playing music – this is what enriches our lives.”

Mr Cain founded Hemispheres, one of the few dedicated platforms for world music in Perth, after Kulcha lost its government funding and closed in 2014.

For the last two years, unique bands from across the globe have been packing out PSAS with intimate concerts of other-worldly sounds.

• Mark Cain. Photo by Molly Schmidt

“The first Hemispheres concert was with the Burundi peace choir,” remembers Mr Cain.

“They were Twa immigrants living in Tanzania mainly as a  result of displacement….those of them who came here formed the Burundi choir.”

Mr Cain got stuck into columnist Andrew Bolt over last week’s anti-immigration rant.

“Australia should be bloody well doing something about our capacity to relate to people who aren’t of our background,” he says.

He says we “wouldn’t have art” if we weren’t open to being responsive and experiencing things that are different.

Mr Gripper will be coming straight from South Australia where he’s appearing at the Adelaide Guitar Festival.

He’ll play at PSAS on Pakenham Street in Fremantle next Wednesday August 15.

Tickets at https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/hemispheres-11-derek-gripper


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