No fare for beachgoers

COOGEE BEACH is a black spot for weekend buses, hampering visitors from getting to the popular destination and locals to the Fremantle shops, says the local community association.

Coogee Beach Progress Association secretary Terry Hemsworth recently wrote to Cockburn council seeking its support to lobby the Public Transport Authority for better weekend bus services.

Currently the buses only run hourly on Saturdays, and there’s no stopping to admire a sunset over the Indian Ocean, with beachgoers having to be back at the bus stop by around 5pm for the last ride home. There’s no bus at all on Sundays.

Mr Hemsworth says that’s not fair for locals, particularly people at the nearby caravan parks who have to get into Fremantle for shopping or a meal out.

“We wrote to the transport authority, but they said ‘we don’t have the money’,” Mr Hemsworth said, adding it’d indicated priorities were elsewhere.

The council’s planning manager Andrew Trosic says he’s happy to support the association’s request, saying Cockburn’s created one of Perth’s most visited beaches.

Mr Trosic says if the PTA improves links between Fremantle and Cockburn, bus patronage, demand and satisfaction will improve.

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