LETTERS 11.8.18

Art attack
DEAR minister Templeman,
I am writing to you in your role as minister for local government, heritage and the arts.
Are you aware of the problems Fremantle council is currently having removing the Felice Varini artwork Arcs D’Ellipse on High Street, Fremantle?
After a number of requests to Fremantle council officers, no information regarding the costs of artwork to date including installation costs, fees paid to the artist and consultants, and the amount spent so far in attempted removal have been provided.
Tenders were due on Friday (August 10), yet removal testing continued yesterday.
One owner has received a quote for $50,000 to repair his building alone.
Extrapolating from this amount the final costs will be exorbitant.
I have had conversations with several potential contractors.
One gave me an estimate of $500,000 to $600,000 to simply patch the work and not fully repair the facades of these heritage buildings.
He also said the final cost for removal and proper repair could more than $1 million.
The tenderers reported that the scope of work provided by the council is inaccurate e.g. they were informed that there are no affected buildings east of Henry Street, which is not the case.
There are also environmental concerns regarding the small pieces of aluminium foil, glue residue and any chemical cleaners flowing into the storm-water system.
I saw you promoting the initial work in the media.
Will you also now take ownership of the current problems and ensure the council provides honest information to building owners, business operators, residents and ratepayers who will be affected by the artwork’s removal?
Has the state heritage office been informed? Will the WA state government be providing any financial support to the Fremantle council?
Shane Braddock, owner and resident
35-37 High Street, Fremantle
Ed says: The Chook went to print a day before the tender submission deadline, but we understand the quotes submitted so far have been between $30,000-$80,000. 

Good luck
I READ the letter “Don’t rush park revamp” from various concerned groups, regarding the revamp of Dixon Reserve, in last week’s Herald.
I acknowledge the enormity of their quest to achieve consultation with Cockburn council.
It is a matter of record they ignored their commissioned “Arup” report, which strongly recommended the Roe 8 Freight link, and without any consultation attacked and supported opponents of the gazetted project.
Consultation, other than with “various” aboriginal groups regarding Australia Day, seems to be considered completely unnecessary to these people, so I wish them the very best of luck in their endeavours.
Alan Freind
Cardinal Crescent, Leeming 

Bill, please…
IF the story “Diarrhoea dilemma” in last week’s Herald is factually correct, the owners and staff of Dolce & Salata should hang their heads in shame and council health officers should be questioning themselves over how such a situation could be allowed to come to pass.
It seems that rules and regulations have to dictate how we behave at the expense of normal human compassion and caring.
It might be that some by-laws or insurance conditions will have to be contravened, but surely there is something wrong in our society if a fellow human being can be left to suffer such distress when she could have easily been helped without giving anyone any trouble.
Thank you Fremantle Herald for reporting this; we’ll be reconsidering our patronage of Dolce & Solata.
Ian & Deborah Calvert
Butson Street, Hilton

Not bowled over by club
IN last week’s Herald there was an advertisement calling for bookings for the new Cockburn bowling and recreational club.
The call was for ‘family fun, lawn bowls and so much more.’
Activities such as volleyball, darts, line dancing were on offer and social membership is only $20.
Reading it made me wonder why Melville council is planning to close the Mt Pleasant bowling club and limit the size of Melville bowling club at its new site?
This reduces the opportunity of these places becoming community centres with low cost memberships.
I’m sure the plan for the existing site of the MBC will not be so low-cost or family affordable.
There are many non-pennant activities already happening at the MBC and I wonder if these will be accommodated in the new configuration, or if these have even been considered in the planning.
Patricia French
Money Place, Melville
The Ed says: The plan isn’t to close Mt Pleasant’s bowls, but merge them with their Melville cousins in a new sporting hub on Tompkins Park.

Safety first
SAFETY is very important for most of us.
Last year, 1222 people died on Australian roads, according to the official statistics.
The South Fremantle community is currently advocating for an upgraded pedestrian crossing on Hampton Road, near the corner of Scott Street, to provide safer and easier access to and from the local primary school and shops.
You might not have crossed here yourself.
You don’t need to be an olympic athlete to cross the four lanes of Hampton Road. But it would help.
You certainly wouldn’t want to be a primary school student, a mum juggling a pram and multiple kids or a senior trying to cross the busy road.
It wouldn’t be safe for you.
A pedestrian crossing with traffic lights would be the safest alternative, combined with reducing vehicle speeds to improve safety.
But that seems to be out of the question as it might slow cars down.
And that’s my point. Who and what are we planning for? Do we want to encourage more regional traffic to drive along Hampton Road? Or do we want to make our communities safer, healthier and more connected? Not to mention more environmentally sustainable.
There is a real choice for us all to make. If you want safer and healthier communities, you can make a difference.
Check out the https://friendsofhamptonandord.wordpress.com/ website and support South Freo locals pushing for a safer pedestrian crossing over Hampton Road at https://mysay.fremantle.wa.gov.au/.
Creating better communities is everyone’s responsibility. The choice is clear.
Dean Cracknell
Wray Ave, Fremantle

Goodbye, past
DID anyone feel saddened at the recent loss of the marshalling yard station in North Freo?
This building did not come down without a good hammering and would have stood on that site for many years to come, despite the lack of maintenance.
A blank canvas for another vanilla development now awaits.
Ryan Lobik
Tydeman Road, North Fremantle

Bien joué
THE parkour extension to the Esplanade skate park is an excellent addition.
It is well used by children from Fremantle and beyond, where councils don’t realise how good it is.
Also, the switch for two-hour extended lighting at the skate area is brilliant.
The council must be congratulated on the entire development.
Jill Brown
Marine Terrace, Fremantle

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