Nature calling

MORE than 500 Melville locals have signed a document supporting a bird sanctuary and discovery centre at Tompkins Park instead of a wave park.

The centre is the brainchild of the Alfred Cove and Swan Estuary Reserves action groups, and would include a boardwalk, viewing platform, environmentally friendly cafe, playground and picnic area.

The plan would involve the revegetation and widening of the foreshore to combat erosion, and straightening dangerous bends in the dual-use path beside the Swan River.

The groups are hopeful the centre would become an “international attraction for Australian and international visitors”.

Under the plan Melville Bowling Club would stay at Tompkins Park.

ACAG spokesperson Jane Edinger says the area is internationally recognised for its migratory birds.

The state government is in the final stages of rubber stamping the wave park proposal. It has already been approved by the Environmental Protection Authority. ACAG appealed that decision, but the EPA stood firm, stating “no new scientific or technological information has been raised by the applicants”.

ACAG met with the appeals convenor on Monday to discuss the EPA response, but are still awaiting a verdict.


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