Platforms torn down

THREE old passenger train platforms in Fremantle are being demolished by the Public Transport Authority.

The PTA says it’s to “discourage vandalism” and “improve amenity in the area”.

South Beach, The Esplanade and Success Harbour platforms were built in the mid-80s in the lead-up to the America’s Cup in Fremantle.

The three stations haven’t been used since 1987 when the Hotham Valley Railway stopped operating its daily service along the line.

This service started in October 1986 and ran until February 1987 and was supplemented by Transperth special services.

The PTA says the stations are now in poor condition and unsafe.

• Workers were busy demolishing the South Beach train platform on Tuesday. Photo by Molly Schmidt

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt says while he understands the platforms are a little worse for wear, the PTA should do more to landscape and beautify the area, “rather than just reinstate it to match the surrounding rail reserve”.

“The Esplanade station, in particular, is in a very prominent location in the heart of one of our most important tourist precincts,” he says.

Dog walkers passed the South Beach station as it was being pulled down on Tuesday, and some told the Herald they were sad to see it go.

Local resident Alan Beazley said “nobody told anybody it was happening”, and he had been hopeful the station would be reopened at some point.

“We were all thinking there might be plans to do something, but now if that happens they’ll have to start from scratch again,” he said.

“There’s going to be the line from Thornlie to Cockburn and I imagine the next part of that will be to Fremantle.”

Mr Beazley says they need more public transport in the area and it’s strange to pull down existing infrastructure that might be needed in the future.

South Beach platform demolition is underway, with the Success and Esplanade platforms to follow.


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