Pod power

POPPING into a pod rather than popping a pill could be a better way to treat your ailments, says Kim Reed.

The Munster therapist is the only person in WA importing a US-made cocoon that provides a range of infrared treatments.

While the Herald was at Reed’s Soul Soothing Therapy, Silke arrived for her regular session.

She’d suffered arthritis in her hands for years: “I do a lot of work with my hands and was in pain. I don’t have pain any more, my arthritis is all gone,” she says, flexing her fingers easily.

She also reckons she’s barely had a cold since having regular treatments, “because it’s good for your immune system.”

Reed was a stay-at-home mum looking for something interesting to get her back into the workplace when she came across the Cocoon wellness pod.

• Therapist Kim Reed closes the cocoon while Silke relaxes inside. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

She took the plunge and opened Soul Soothing in Munster, specialising in infrared treatments, last year.

The pods are used by astronauts for rehabilitation after long space flights and by a number of therapist including chiropractors, pain management clinics, weight loss experts and beauty clinics around the world.

Infrared light easily penetrates human tissue, Reed says.

“When this happens it creates a natural resonance, which has many beneficial properties.”

For more information go to soulsoothingtherapy.com.au or call Reed on 0473 456 366.


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