Shed-load of help

THE Fremantle Men’s Community Shed has stepped in to help the Fremantle Women’s Health Centre deal with some stubborn graffiti.

The health centre’s a regular target for graffiti because of its prominent location on South Street in White Gum Valley, says executive director Adele Tan.

But the latest attack stumped Fremantle council’s graffiti team because it’s on a fragile section of wall and they’re worried their machinery will just add to the damage.

Instead, one of the bright boffins at the council suggested Ms Tan contact the Men’s Shed whose Mr Fix-it, Ces Fogliani, had the answer – an old-style whitewash.

• Freomenshed secretary Mark Thomas and design guru Ces Fogliani with women’s health centre executive director Adele Tan and the stubborn graffiti. Photo by Steve Grant

“I’m old enough to remember whitewashes, we used to make it ourselves using pig fat, which would dissolve in the lime,” Mr Fogliani says.

The resulting product would help bind the surface of the wall, while still allowing the building to “breathe”, he says.

Men’s Shed secretary Mark Thomas says they’d already been discussing with the health centre running courses on independent living for women and had put a submission in for funding from the Fremantle Foundation.

“To make them more empowered and less intimidated about the tools,” Mr Thomas said.

Ms Tan says these skills can be literally life-savers.

“In domestic violence a lot of women feel like they are not fully capable and they feel trapped as a result, and it’s not just financial, it’s also perception,” Ms Tan said.


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