LETTERS 6.10.18

Poor ‘taste’
GIVEN the losses strawberry growers are currently suffering and the $100,000 reward announced by the premier, the fake ad in the September 22 Herald – blueberries with a free button and sewing needle – is in appalling bad taste.
This is the most puerile of comments that might be in a student “prosh” publication, but inclusion in a community paper, offering sympathy to the plight of growers, is reprehensible and offensive. What were you trying to achieve?
Free speech must tempered with responsibility which is sorely lacking from your editorial oversite.
Lester Cowel

We’re onto it
CONFIDENT claims about Fremantle Port  – its capacity, its productivity, its future – are as common as opinions on how to improve the Dockers’ stocks in 2019.
The debate accelerated in the lead up to the last state election, when as many voted to reject haphazard and partisan infrastructure planning as they did against the Perth Freight Link.
It was precisely for this reason that the McGowan Labor government established the Westport taskforce, chaired by respected infrastructure adviser Nicole Lockwood.
I understand that some in surrounding suburbs feel that container traffic disproportionally impacts their local community.
I can also understand the Maritime Union of Australia’s concern about the impact a modernised port could have on the jobs of its members.
Personally, I would like to see container trade stay in Fremantle as long as possible.
There are clearly limits, however, to how much freight can be safely hauled through residential areas – a challenge that I believe will be key in port planning.
These are but some of the many considerations taken into account as the state government responsibly develops a long term, whole of supply-chain strategy to meet our freight and trade needs for the 21st century.
Simon McGurk MLA
Member for Fremantle

To speak, or not to speak
SALLY BURTON’S strong criticism of the Black Swan Theatre Group (“Less ham, more glam”, Thinking Allowed, Herald, September 22, 2018) is unfortunately a case of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Emperor’s New Clothes.
We all knew there was a major problem at our state theatre, Black Swan, but no one was game enough to speak out.  Not if you want another job!
Dear artistic director and board, could you check out your backyard of reputable actors, director and producers, before bringing in no-names from elsewhere.
Name and address supplied

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