Unblock women

• Abheeti Kathryn Pass and Amy-Rose Goodey are the creators of podcast Crypto Clothesline.
Photo by Molly Schmidt

FREMANTLE tech podder Abheeti Kathryn Pass has put out the call for more women to jump into technologies like cryptocurrencies.

She’s hoping her podcast Crypto Clothesline will encourage more women to get involved in the ‘cryptosphere’.

Ms Pass says industry
after-parties in the heavily male-dominated blockchain and cryptocurrency scene were taking place in strip clubs until recently.

“Some strip joints even had sex workers with their QR codes – a digital bar code – tattooed on their breasts or buttocks so instead of putting $50 down their bra, men could pay with their Bitcoin or their cryptocurrency wallet,” Ms Pass says.

Crypto Clothesline co-host Amy-Rose Goodey says; “It’s hard to be a woman at blockchain events because there’s like five of us out of 200, and you’re immediately assumed to be dumb.

“We’re creating a soft space for women to land, because when you first jump in, you don’t have a lot of places to go that aren’t masculine dominated, swearing and sexist.”


According to Google Analytics, 96.5 per cent of the world’s Bitcoin community are men, despite a study by National Australia Bank revealing “more women than men say they are solely responsible for making financial decisions for their households.”

Ms Pass says many women are afraid of talking about tech and finance, so in their podcast they host accessible conversations with prominent women, and sometimes men, in the tech industry.

Juggling different time zones and young children, the women record their weekly podcast, which includes an interview with an industry guest, like Perth councillor Jemma Green,.

Ms Green is the cofounder and chair of Power Ledger, a company that uses blockchain technology to enable the transition to a low cost, low carbon energy market, with the potential for peer-to-peer energy trading.

In 2016 she launched Power Ledger; just seven weeks after giving birth to her first child.

Her second child is now three-months-old, but she’s not slowing down and the company is launching projects in renewable energy all over the world.

Power Ledge is involved in RENeW Nexus in Fremantle.


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