Flaming good idea

FEMALE entrepreneurs from Fremantle and Bicton have come together to share support and give each other inspiration in a new community group dubbed The Flaming Skirts.

“When women come together, they set the world on fire,” says Mia Kriznic, who started the group a few months back.

She says it’s for all women who have started or run a business in the Fremantle area.

Ms Kriznic used to work as a political advisor and a public servant, but with the economic downturn had to “reinvent herself”.

She’s been running her own cleaning business for four years, which although successful, can be very isolating, she says.

“We do the same run every week, work hard but don’t see a soul. You can be very isolated in small business.”


She decided to put a call-out on social media to women in a similar position.

“So often women are the engine room within their own families and businesses; they are the quiet achievers and being successful isn’t an accident, it’s hard work,” she says.

After getting over 200 responses online, Ms Kriznic has hosted two meetings since the group’s formation in June, with about 20 people at each, and there are 56 active members on their ever-growing Facebook page.

“I got an amazing group of women re-creating themselves to cope with economical changes and still put food on the table,” she says.

“It’s full of women redesigning their lives, rather than letting life design them.”

The women come from a variety of different backgrounds with many working from home in online, service, retail, graphic design and finance businesses, Ms Kriznic says.

Other women are coming along for inspiration about how to start up their dream business.

Flaming Skirts member Rae Bateman worked as a Market Force media director for 13 years, and now runs Elevate Business Resources.

Virtual assistant

She works as a virtual assistant helping small businesses with their admin and social media requirements.

She says the meetings are a valuable way for women to help educate each other and share ideas.

“It’s about opening ideas to several income streams rather than just one and learning different ways to do it,” she says.

Renata Taylor, owner of East Freo cafe Ari & Esmay says the group is a wonderful opportunity for women build each other up.

“It’s all about having a network of people you could call to say, ‘I’ve hit a road block, where do you think I could go next?’”

The Flaming Skirts’ next free meeting will be the first week of next month.

You can join the sisterhood at theflamingskirts@gmail.com


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