Valley fears

AN accident between a skateboarder and a car in White Gum Valley last weekend could be a harbinger of what the suburb will face during the High Street realignment, a former precinct co-ordinator has warned.

Mark Woodcock attended a Main Roads information session about the High Street upgrade recently and says he came away with grave fears rat-runners will turn the valley into a virtual motorway for up to a year during the works.

“I asked Main Roads about what plans they had for diverting the traffic, and they basically brushed it off saying that was for the contractor to work out,” Mr Woodcock said.

Mr Woodcock says that with Fremantle council trying to minimise traffic elsewhere, more and more people were being pushed on valley streets such as Hope and Wiluna where last weekend’s crash occurred. Dense developments such as the Kim Beazley School site were adding to the mix.

He fears Main Roads is simply going to make it more dangerous.

But Main Roads spokesperson Dean Roberts told the Herald those plans would come in the next stage of the project.

“As with all projects, Main Roads will work with the successful contractor to determine the traffic management requirements of the project, which will then guide how construction will be staged,” Mr Roberts said.

“These requirements will consider a range of factors including the impacts on the local and wider community.”

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