Snappy job

IN BETWEEN trying to save Yemenis from further slaughter (see page 7), former Fremantle federal MP Melissa Park had the honour of stopping in at the British Natural History Museum to catch her sister Georgina Steytler become the first Australian woman to win a Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award. Of the 45,000 entries, the Toodyay photographer was one of just 16 winners; her “Mud-Rolling Mud-Dauber” taking out the best of the invertebrates section. Female mud-dauber wasps us the balls to build their nests, carving chambers into them for egg-laying. Ms Parke says she was impressed that despite working in mud, the wasps were remarkably keen, and pondered if there was something there for parents to learn from. She also thought the folk from the WA Maritime Museum might have been taken by British photographer David Maitland’s incredible photograph of a sea cucumber’s skin, which looks like it’s held together by tiny but perfectly-formed anchors.

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