Out for fun

• Kids from White Gum Valley primary ditched the desks for the park.

ALL 260 students from White Gum Valley primary school got to ditch the desks on Thursday, heading over to Booyeembara Park for Outdoor Classroom Day.

Part of a global movement, Outdoor Classroom Day aims to improve kids’ health, wellbeing and academic progress by getting them closer to nature.

Nature Play WA CEO Griffin Longley says only just over half of all Aussie kids play outside every day.

“Modern children spend more time indoors than any other generation in history, but the pendulum is starting to swing back to a more balanced experience of childhood, with more than 2000 Australia schools and early learning centre getting involved in Outdoor Classroom Day,” Mr Longley said.

Western Sydney University has recently done a study into kids’ lives and researcher Tonia Greay says outdoorsy kids are calmer, more confident and more open to learning.

“They also show improvement in social skills, imagination, creativity, teamwork, concentration and behaviour, and yet less than one in six primary school children learn outdoors each day, and two in three spend under an hour playing outdoors every day in Australia,” Assoc Prof Gray said.

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