Tieleman steps up

MELVILLE council appointed its new CEO on Monday evening, promoting corporate services director Marten Tieleman to the role.

Mr Tieleman had been acting in the role since former CEO Shayne Silcox retired from local government on July 30.

Melville mayor Russell Aubrey said Mr Tieleman had extensive local government experience and would bring strategic leadership to the council.

“Marten recognises the job in front of him and is aware of the challenges that lie ahead and this should be seen as a vote of confidence in the City of Melville staff and the organisation itself,” Mr Aubrey said.

Mr Tieleman started as a relief clerk at Perth city council in 1982 and worked his way up to become city accountant. He spent some time as a finance controller at Melville before moving to Darwin where he headed up the finance and corporate service divisions.

He returned to Melville in 2002 to take up the role of corporate services director, which he’s held since then – apart from a few stints as acting CEO.

Councillor Karen Wheatland told the Herald that when Mr Tieleman took the reins of the organisation after Dr Silcox’s resignation, she’d felt a positive shift in organisational culture.

“I’ve formed relationships that I’d never have expected otherwise,” Cr Wheatland said.

“I think he is going to make a very good CEO because he will try hard to engage positively with elected members and the community.

“Since I have been involved in the council he has been very supportive off behavioural change to mend the rift.

“I have heard arguments that because he was part of the old leadership group he will be on that path, but I don’t believe that will be the case.”

Cr Wheatland says Mr Tieleman had a reputation of being a stickler for the rules, which made him a good role model for staff and her colleagues.

Mr Tieleman said he was looking forward to strengthening the relationships between the council and community.

“I also have the privilege of working with a dedicated and experienced council and staff team and look forward to a supporting and constructive culture that focuses on meeting the needs of Melville residents, celebrating our successes and learning from the times where we don’t always get it right,” Mr Tieleman said.


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