Not so pumped

A POCKET park in North Coogee has been so neglected by the Water Corporation it’s become an embarrassing eyesore for homeowners in the ritzy South Beach Village development across the road.

The park on the corner of Rollinson Road and Bennett Avenue is where Fremantle’s first waste water treatment plant was built between 1907 and 1910, and a pumping station is still in operation next door.

When WA government developer Landcorp first opened up the area to housing a decade ago, Water Corp agreed to tizz up the corner to minimise the semi-industrial feel of the pumping station, putting up some interpretive signage, a couple of concrete table sets, limestone retaining walls and extensive curbing around the pathways.

But since then it’s not done much to look after the place, and village resident Ian Johnson says the only time he can get any maintenance done is by calling up to give staff an earful.

“There’s wild oats a metre-and-a-half high, the reticulation is broken, signs are damaged and flapping in the wind,” Mr Johnson told the Herald.

A couple of grass trees struggle on despite being crispy brown, while 10 metres away there’s a long gouge in the ground where the broken reticulation appears to be shooting out a strong arc of water.

In the pumping station compound next door, out-of-control castor oil plants grow freely amongst abandoned concrete pipes.

Mr Johnson said the last work at the park he can recall was three years ago after his last complaint when someone was sent out with a whipper snipper.

“If they can’t look after it, why don’t they sell it to the council for $1 or lease it to them, and then they don’t have to worry about it any more,” Mr Johnson said.

Water Corp regional manager Gary Monaghan acknowledged it was more than a year since the park was given a tidy-up, but said the reticulation was repaired last month in response to five calls from residents.

Mr Monaghan said they’d also scheduled another round of maintenance to work on the weeds and more reticulation issues in the next couple of weeks.

“As the park is not a regular Water Corporation operational asset, it does not receive scheduled maintenance, however, we do respond to feedback from local residents and the City of Cockburn if there are any issues, and appreciate these matter being brought to our attention,” he said.


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