AUSTRALIAN trees have adapted over millions of years to the climate, soil and recurrent bushfires in order to survive and regenerate, giving them their unique characteristics and diversity.

“These natural cycles have enabled Aboriginal people to survive in all regions of Australia for thousands of years, in environments that would seem inhospitable to the outsider,” says acclaimed WA photographer Richard Woldendorp, on his new book The Tree.

“In the past I have photographed Australian landscapes, but in this book, I wanted to highlight the importance of trees. They have sustained human existence for millennia, providing not only oxygen but also shelter, food and raw materials.

“And yet, we are losing billions of trees every year to deforestation at unsustainable rates. Conservation is needed not only for their protection – trees are necessary for our own survival,” adds Mr Woldendorp.

Multi-award winning Richard Woldendorp is renowned for his evocative photography of the Australian landscape. He has been awarded Australian Photographer of the Year, is a WA State Living Treasure and was given the Order of Australia for his contribution to the arts. His new book – The Tree is available to purchase from all local bookstores, or via Fremantle Press: http://www.fremantlepress.com.au

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