Flush with meaning

• Bruno Booth with his outlandish disabled toilet. Photo supplied.

SMART Casual in Fremantle’s Westgate Mall might just contain the strangest toilet you’ll ever see.

Freo artist Bruno Booth has transformed the empty shop/art space into a unique ‘fantastical and impractical disabled toilet’.

Upon entering visitors encounter handrails in random, useless locations; a giant sink that is impossible to reach, glowing electrical sockets sporadically dotting the walls, and a mass of tubes, cords and switches, illustrating the struggles disabled users face.

Booth, a wheelchair user, says the catalyst for his installation, Pull Cord For Assistance, was shopping centres “hijacking” disabled toilets and using them as makeshift storage cupboards.

Booth says he’s lost count of the amount of times he’s sought a disabled toilet in a shopping centre only to find it crammed with mops, buckets and cartons.

Pull Cord For Assistance will be occupied until tomorrow (Sunday) December 23, and the door is open 10am-5pm, Thursday-Sunday.


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