Jazz rebirth at the Duke

PERTH chanteuse Jessie Gordon will play at the opening of WA’s hottest new jazz and blues club, the Duke of George, in East Fremantle

The club is in the basement of the old, heritage-listed Brush Factory on Duke Street, which has been transformed into a dimly-lit jazz venue.

Accompanied by pianist/clarinetist Adrain Galanté, Gordon will delve into the dark corners of pop music from the 1930s and 40s.

“People think of jazz as staid, their grandparents’ music, something tame,” she says.

“But jazz was one of the first pop music forms. It dealt with the same issues of today – sex, drugs…and swing.”

Gordon says that pleasant, melodic songs from the era were laden with double-meaning and innuendo.

“Some of the blues are wildly filthy and hugely entertaining.”

Opening night

The jazz club is the brain child of WA Academy of Performing Arts graduate Renee Coyle: “I wanted to create a stage for incredible musicians, locally and beyond, to nurture their talent and provide an  exceptional space to share their souls with appreciative audiences.

“A place to eat, drink, dance and soak up the sounds and have a great time.”

Coyle worked with Grammy award-winning muso Lucky Oceans to curate a program of artists.

“Perth has a deep reservoir of great musicians and we’re hoping this new venue will spur them on to new, exciting creations and collaborations to share in this very friendly space,” he says.

The Duke will have a variety of sessions including after work blues/jazz on Thursdays, acoustic blues on Sunday afternoons with free entry for locals, and Saturday night dinner-dances.

Gordon will play with Dirty Jazz at the Duke of George on January 18-20.

The opening weekend also features local artists Rusty Pinto and the Blue Flames, Harry Mitchell and his jazz piano trio, and the Dave Brewer Blues Band.


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