A shining legacy

• Albert De Boer with a copy of Nicole Burman’s headstone. Photo by Jenny D’Anger

FOREVER Shining is a family-owned memorial business that started after a tragic death.

With no experience in the cemetery and cremation business, engineers Albert De Boer and Alan Burman joined forces to create a fitting monument for Mr Burman’s young daughter Nicole.

She was a vibrant high achiever who completed a degree in medicine, despite being diagnosed with a brain tumour in the fifth year of her studies.

She sadly lost her battle with cancer while doing specialist training.

Mr Burman couldn’t find a fitting monument for his beloved daughter, so he asked Mr De Boer to help him create one.

The pair came up with a revolutionary laser system that etches a black and white photo of a loved one, and any decals and text, into materials like granite, marble and stainless steel.

After installing the headstone they had lots of inquiries about it, so the pair set up the Bibra Lake business Forever Shining, which has gone from strength-to-strength and is now in its tenth year.

“The technology we use is almost like a printer – it beams into rock. Whatever a newspaper can do we can do better,” Mr De Boer says.

The system can also put photo-quality coloured images onto vitreous enamel.

Customers use Forever’s on-line program to create a 3D model of their monument. To find our more go to http://www.forevershining.com.au, or pop in to the Port Kembla Drive factory.


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