Rubbish Fringe show

Trash Test Dummies at the Circus Hub on the Meadows. Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015. Image by Ivon Bartholomew.

TRASH Test Dummies take the humble wheelie bin to new heights in a performance of wheelie outrageous clowning at Fringe.

“With a little imagination the bins become cars, hideaway trenches, chariots, rocket ships, musical instruments and equipment for circus madness,” says performer Jamie Bretman.

Parents have reported that after watching the show their kids are more willing to take the rubbish out.

“We just hope they don’t hop into a dirty bin,” laughs Bretman.

The jokes aren’t all aimed at the children and performers have been known to leave a fart behind.

“If you fart in your bin you’re not allowed to get out…but it’s worse if someone farts in your bin and you have to get in,” Bretman says.

Dummies’ first female member, Amy Nightingale-Olsen from Perth, will make her debut this year.

For show times go to


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