Letters 2.2.19

Baying for blood
WITH regard to the removal of the free 15-minute parking bays on Market Street.
Over three years ago I wrote to Fremantle council about the abuse of the footpath restrictions by restauranteurs between the Sail and Anchor and Newport Hotels on Market St.
Tables and chairs were constantly placed beyond the brass plate limits clearly marked on the footpaths, particularly on the road side.
Despite the danger to the public walking along that section of the path, I was constantly fobbed off by both officials and councillors.
I was assured about their regular inspections. This was nonsense because the furniture was always over the boundary.
Even annual inspections would have picked it up, but nothing changed then, or since.
It is a matter of time before a careless diner or pedestrian is literally “hit by a bus”
Therefore I cannot believe that council is claiming safety as their justification for the removal of these parking bays, nor can I believe that the offending restaurants would be claiming the high moral ground.
Regulations are there to be enforced, or having a council at all is a waste of time and money.
If the traders want to keep the parking, get the restaurants to abide by the rules and promise to continue to do so.
My considerable correspondence with council is available to the lawyers involved if they wish to prove the hypocrisy of council on this matter.
Ron Connors
Solomon Street, Beaconsfield

Please fix something
I REFER to the article “Council going Green at invasion day rally” in last week’s Herald.
I think that Fremantle Greens candidate, Jesse Hutchinson, and Greens senator Jordon Steele-John, need to take a good look at themselves.
Along with the rest of their political party, they need to realise that they are not ‘the centre of the universe’.
Perhaps they should celebrate the fact that they live in a country where they are free to express their views without fear of persecution.
Also, that maybe many of us are sick of hearing their same old war chant, and they should try putting forward a few sensible suggestions.
For example, what are their policies on tackling the current crime rate and health issues ?
Maybe then the ‘silent majority’ could start taking them seriously.
So how about getting off your ‘high horse’, embrace reality and start making a meaningful contribution to society.
If you can’t do that, then maybe find a quiet cave that you can live in and celebrate nothing.
Steve Grady
Murray Road, Palmyra

Nippy letter
WHY live in WA, next to our superb coastline, when you must pay up to $100 a kilo for crayfish?
The vested interests that control the commercial crayfish industry have their vice-like claws on this resource, and 98 per cent goes overseas, onto the rich man’s table.
Crayfish numbers are managed by the community and we locals are entitled to a share of them at reasonable prices.
Without public management of this precious stock, chaos would reign, with a “dog eats dog” mentality prevailing and, very quickly, numbers would plummet.
The industry would be better advised to concentrate on researching and developing commercial hatcheries and crayfish farms to increase production, instead of raising $7 million to campaign against the government.
The legislative council – an undemocratic anachronistic warhorse for vested interests – will soon vote on the new crayfish industry legislation.
Can we hope for unbiased analysis by our councillors on this legislation?
Gloomily, I predict not. But the McGowan government is somewhat to blame for this situation.
Its timid, low-profile, “don’t frighten the horses” approach to democratic reform of the legislative council has given the councillors some political strength.
The vision of excellent seashore restaurants with glorious views serving crayfish at affordable prices to West Aussies and tourists begins to fade.
Gordon Payne
Jenkin Street, South Fremantle

No more yellow tape
FREMANTLE council has a once in a lifetime opportunity, with the demolition of the old council house, to create a beautiful town square for the people of Fremantle to enjoy.
All great cities around the world have town squares.
These are focal points for tourists and locals.
The council now resides in the old Freo Dockers building, which the city owns, and could be enlarged at reasonable cost if necessary.
Some ratepayers’ funds spent on positive projects, instead of yellow tape art installations and the like, would be a refreshing change.
Rod Murray
Nelson Street, South Fremantle

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