Record-breaking Fremantle movies?

• Emerging heartthrob Brenton Thwaites in Pirates fo the Caribbean.

A NEW Australian movie tackling schizophrenia has filmed scenes at the Record Finder in Fremantle.

The High Street record shop was surrounded by towering lights and cameras during the first day of shooting of I Met a Girl last month.

“We chose the location because we loved the look of the store and it fitted the story,” says producer Adam Dolman.

The comedy-drama stars Brenton Thwaites as a young schizophrenic musician who falls for a mysterious woman (Lily Sullivan) who may be all in his head.

When she suddenly vanishes, he embarks on an epic journey across Australia to find her, forcing his long-suffering brother (Joel Jackson) to try to rescue him.

Screenwest CEO Peter Rowe said he was moved by the film’s commitment to putting schizophrenia in the spotlight. “This is a life-affirming, coming-of-age story that’s both funny and whimsical yet deeply emotional,” he said.

I Met a Girl will be shot in WA and New South Wales and is from the creative team behind the award-winning web series High Life and includes director Luke Eve and writer Glen Dolman.

Thwaites was the romantic lead in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and is currently headlining the DC hit series Titans.

Sullivan was in Jungle and the recent TV version of Picnic at Hanging Rock.

The Record Finder has been in Fremantle for more than 30 years and recently moved a few doors down from its long-running shopfront on High Street.

Meanwhile famed Aussie actor Anthony LaPaglia and Ryan Corr have been filming behind the bars at Fremantle prison, where they’re shooting the black drama Below.

The two films have Fremantle council crowing about how the port city’s in such demand for the movie industry; which makes a welcome change from this week’s media coverage about anti-social behaviour in the city.


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