Just too tempting
I READ Paul Gamblin’s fascinating Thinking Allowed (“Ebbs and flows”, Herald, February 9, 2019), regarding the future development of the area at Port and Leighton beaches.
Would the state government have the foresight to turn the place into parkland complete with a research facility?
The cynic in me says that the urge for developers to put in more high-rise apartments will be far too strong, and in recent years it has been proved that if they and their lobbyists whinge long and hard enough, they will succeed.
Witness the debacle of Melville council and the Wave Park. Little has been done in the way of beach remediation after June’s catastrophic storm, despite a lot of hot air emanating from the Fremantle council after the mayor took a few photos and mumbled about how awful it all was.
Needless to say, neither he nor his councillors really give a stuff about Port Beach.
Were it Cottesloe, no doubt there would have been machinery raking up building detritus at a rate of knots.
I hardly look forward to watching the slow demise of what was once a lovely family beach.
Geoff Dunstone
Carrington St, Palmyra
PS – Love the stories that appeared in the Chook over the holiday period. More please.
The Ed says: We’ll be happy to oblige Geoff, and as you’ll see from the front page we’re looking to get a ripper collection of Easter stories for you to enjoy with your eggs.

I’D like to express my disappointment at Fremantle council’s apparent decision to give a community group exclusive access to Wilson Park last Sunday morning.
South Beach is my local beach and I, my husband and two young children headed down there at about 10am to go to the beach.
Our first observation is that there was traffic chaos as cars were expecting to have access to the park, and were having to turn around and find other parking.
We ended up parking nearly two kilometres away, with my five-year- old son struggling to walk the distance to the beach.
When I approached the carpark to enquire as to why it was closed to the public, I noticed it was not even half full.
When we left at 11:30am, this was still the case.
My view is that this is unacceptable in the middle of summer, on a weekend.
The park is a key amenity associated with beach access in the area. While I appreciate your role is to balance the interests of the public generally with supporting community groups, this was a poor decision given the time of year.
I would implore you to reconsider licences of this nature at times when the beach is likely to be in heavy use.
I would also like to understand if you have granted licences of this nature to other community groups, so I can avoid the beach altogether during those periods.
Amber Kemp
Dixon St, Kardinya

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