Making an Impact

• Julie Gorman and Daniel Roy from the Fremantle PCYC at last year’s Impact100 grants. Photo by Olivia Cervi

THE Fremantle Foundation will launch its annual $100,000 grant program at North Fremantle’s Guildhall on Thursday (March 14).

For the past seven years the philanthropic group has awarded the whopping grant to a worthwhile cause in the local community.

FF social impact manager Hannah Fitch-Rabbitt says this week’s event is a great opportunity for people to find out about the “giving circles” concept.

“The idea is simple” says Ms Fitch-Rabbitt.

“We gather at least 100 individuals, families or businesses each year.

“They each donate $1000 and then we pool those contributions together to give a high impact grant of $100,000 to a local community, organisation or project.

“It’s evolved into something really lovely–a philanthropic circle of the greater Fremantle community, coming together to talk about how to improve Fremantle and what areas of need there are.”

Last year’s lucky recipient was the Fremantle PCYC’s breakfast program, which provides at-risk children with a regular healthy meal.

Ms Fitch-Rabbitt said last year’s competition was strong, featuring presentations from the ICEA Foundation and the Freo Doctor, but PCYC’s pitch won over donors’ hearts.

“The ultimate decision is up to the donors–in a very democratic way they get to decide.”

The Impact100 launch event starts at 6pm and Ms Rabbitt is keen for donors and non-donors to come along and raise awareness of issues facing the Fremantle community.

“The bigger our circle grows–the bigger impact we can have.”


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