Bicton MP wants fields, not tubes

BICTON Labor MLA Lisa O’Malley has reiterated her opposition to a wave park in Alfred Cove, acknowledging she’d copped flak for not speaking out enough.

Ms O’Malley told the Herald her office had fielded calls from Melville residents concerned she’d jumped on board the proposal.

“My position on the wave park proposal remains as it was during my election campaign: while I believe the developer’s proposal for a wave park in itself has merit, Tompkins Park and the adjacent land is not an appropriate location for the development,” Ms O’Malley said.

“My office has received correspondence from many people across the state on the issue of the wave park, but constituents of Bicton who have contacted me an oppose the development are in the vast majority.”

Ms O’Malley said the park’s playing fields, bowling greens and open space were important to offset infill development in the area.

“A change away from its current classification to allow for commercial development does not have my support,” she said.

“Crown land and public land vested in state and local governments exists for and belongs to the people – I support protecting and preserving publicly accessible open space, and I always will.”

Melville Bowling Club president Tim Smith was relieved to hear of Ms O’Malley’s restated position, saying his members had been disappointed by her recent silence.

“After all the help we gave her in her [election] campaign, you’d think we could expect more,” Mr Smith said.

Brandishing an independent report into Melville council’s lawn bowls strategy, Mr Smith says members are feeling vindicated in their claim it was a flawed and unfair document.

Prepared by Smart Operators Pty Ltd, a newcomer to the consultancy sphere, the new report found the strategy “contained flaws, contradiction and serious omissions” and painted the club in an overly-pessimistic light.

It claimed that if the bowling club was forced to move into a shared sporting hub nearby, it would “virtually guarantee that the club could not survive financially”.


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