LETTERS 23.3.19

In the bunker
IS there any reason for golf clubs not to make competitions gender free (“Teed off”, Herald, March 16, 2019)?
What could possibly go wrong?
Chrissie Lidstone

10 out of 10?
IT wasn’t just councillor Nick Pazolli and his colleagues who were concerned about the 20-storey apartment block in Applecross (“Council vertigo”, Letters, March 16, 2019).
The guest area in the council chambers was mostly filled with concerned residents at both the council and Joint Development Assessment Panel meetings.
After the council meeting I sent an email to Melville mayor Russell Aubrey asking for the name of the three people promoting the project and who they were representing.
The mayor did not supply any details except to advise their names would be in the minutes.
Councillor Steve Kepert then told me the three people were council officers – I could not believe it.
As a long-term resident of Applecross I attended many briefings in the development stages of the Canning Bridge precinct plan, and after almost seven years the land in question was approved for a maximum of 10 storeys.
The interesting word is ”maximum” as there is discretionary powers available to council to allow greater height limits if the developer offers so-called “community benefits”.
I doubt very much if the city planners responsible for suggesting the community benefits live in the precinct and know it well enough to justify giving the developer a benefit of 100 per cent.
It’s difficult to understand that after seven years of public consultation, why 10 storeys is not just 10 storeys.
Do you have planning laws or not and I believe the council moved the boundaries of the precinct after the completion of community consultation.
We would also be interested as a community to find out the result of the state government’s enquiry into the mayor and the former CEO’s dealings on behalf of the city of Melville.
It appears these have been swept under the carpet and not made public.
Rod Tweddle
Tweeddale Road, Applecross

Fat chance
CHERIE KAY’S suggestion of a tourist camping park for the North Fremantle freight yard is a great idea (“Concrete mess”, Letters, Herald, March 17, 2019).
But if the government still uses the yard for rail line maintenance like replacing sleepers, it pours cold water on Ms Kay’s suggestion.
If the area was sold off, there is zero chance of a tourist park.
Frank Cherry
Elderberry Drive, South Lake

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