An Apple a day

Kate Flowers, Kristen Pavez and Jess Lowe.

THREE diverse women with a love of healthy cooking have created the Apple Room – a food-orientated wellness centre – at the Heathcote Cultural Precinct.

Kate Flowers is a “food stylist” who develops recipes for companies that want to promote a product using easy ways of cooking.

The East Fremantle local managed Anna Gare’s catering company and has worked in a number of top Perth restaurants.

“I also had my own business, a cafe catering for take home meals,” she says.

Despite wanting to be a chef, Palmyra local Kristen Pavez studied business law because she thought she should go to uni.

But winning a chancellor’s award wasn’t enough to keep her in lawyers’ robes: “I wanted to do what I love.”

Twenty kilos overweight after her second child and devouring a block of chocolate a night, Ms Pavez says a gift of raw chocolate was a life-changer.

It was so rich, a small amount satisfied her cravings.

“I started making my own raw chocolate; it was real cutting edge six or seven years ago.”

Bicton local Jess Lowe was an interior designer before she suffered corporate burnout, leading to depression and adrenal fatigue.

She says a stint on My Kitchen Rules, where she was portrayed as the “villain”, also took its toll.

“I was eliminated from the show, but Pete Evans offered me a job because he saw my potential.”

Ms Lowe, a qualified fitness nutritionist, became passionate about healthy eating as part of her recovery, and was shocked at the number of toxins found in many common foods.

“I started my journey reading that if you put shit in your body you are going to feel like shit.”

The three friends operate their own heathy eating, cooking and nutritionalist businesses out of the Apple Room, but it’s also set to become a hub for “like-minded people”.

“We don’t’ know what it can be because it’s so new, but it will be a collective,” Ms Flower says.

For more information Google Apple Room, Heathcote Cultural Precinct, or email

By Jenny D’Anger

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