Let’s meat up

Photo by Matthew Eeles.

DISCO lives on at The Meating Ground in Fremantle.

The city’s newest burger joint is a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s music scene with posters of Donna Summer, James Brown and Diana Ross adorning the walls.

The retro look is fun but it doesn’t really compliment the high-quality, ultra-modern comfort food The Meating Ground dishes up.

Previously known as The Meatball Bar, The Meating Ground has been neutered–ditching its balls for American-style burgers, ribs, buttermilk chicken and the best collard greens ($5.90) we’ve ever had.

It’s not like me to rave about vegetables, but this big bowl of finely shredded cabbage, leek, kale, beans and giant brussels sprouts–swimming in smoky garlic butter–is a winner.

It’s possibly the unhealthiest way to enjoy vegetables, but we couldn’t have been happier and demolished the greens in minutes.

Photo by Matthew Eeles.

The sensationally sweet and terrifically tender lamb ribs are available as an entree or main ($11.90/$20).

They’re served on the bone with a liberal drizzle of maple syrup. The description will tell you these are spicy, but we couldn’t find a trace of chilli which is a shame.

Regardless, the smokey meat and sweet coating are a match made in carnivore heaven.

The sticky pork belly burger ($19.90) is served in a way I wasn’t expecting: Rather than being sliced or pulled, the pork belly is cubed then placed into the burger like lego blocks.

The crispy crackling is included and the patty is topped with a well-dressed slaw and a chargrilled pineapple ring. The burger is a tropical delight with savoury overtones.

There’s a glut of burger bars in most WA cities and we may be reaching saturation point, but aficionados will be happy to know that The Meating Ground is a worthy addition to the booming burger scene.


The Meating Ground
7 South Terrace, Fremantle

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