Seasoned author

Dave Warner photographed in Earlwood, NSW, on 8 May 2013 by Bleddyn Butcher

DAVE WARNER’S latest book River of Salt combines his two favourite things, music and surfing, in a gripping crime thriller.

The Bicton author changed the murderer several times before he finished writing the book and jokes he still doesn’t know who done it.

River of Salt is about a reluctant American hit-man, Blake Saunders, who flees to Australia to enjoy a dreamy life playing guitar and surfing.

Warner toys with his reader’s emotions by dishing up characters that are nasty but likeable, including Saunders and a corrupt copper.

Bob Dylan

“It’s interesting to play with those elements,” he says.

Warner’s also a singer/songwriter and his band Pus played hard-hitting punk–before punk was a thing–in Fremantle in the 70s.

Back then, Bob Dylan named him as his favourite Australian songwriter.

Later Warner started writing books, and film and stage plays, and also moved into acting. He’ll be mixing music and books at the launch of River of Salt, when he belts out songs from the 70s with old band mate Tony Durant.

You can catch An Evening with Dave Warner at Melville’s Bracks library, April 4, 6pm-7.30pm. Tix $5 at

By Jenny D’Anger

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