Letters 6.4.19

Guy’s in fantasyland
I REACTED initially with interest and then increasing astonishment at the comments of Melville councillor Guy Wieland in the article “State sinks wave park” in last week’s Herald.
A self-confessed ‘avid surfer’, Cr Wieland describes the demise of the wavepark at Alfred Cove as ‘pretty sad’.
His major concern appears to be the loss of convenient, reliable surfing for the supposed ‘legion of surfers’ (including himself) that will now have to travel to the coast for their beloved sport.
Nowhere in his parallel-universe musings did he mention the sacrifice of over four hectares of public space to facilitate his desire to surf.
Nor did he acknowledge the impact that the loss of that same space would have had on the various sports clubs in the immediate area.
Cr Wieland concluded with the statement that, had the wave park not been successful, it would be a simple matter to fill in the pool, plant a bit of grass, and hey presto, all would be as it was before.
No mention of the dislocation and long-term atrophy that the loss of the sacrificed playing and practice grounds would have caused to the local sports clubs in the meantime.
It would appear that Cr Wieland has forgotten that he is supposed to represent the majority of his electorate over the interests of his own hobbies and lifestyle.
We really do need a radical change in some of the councillors who are supposed  to look after the concerns of ratepayers in the ward they represent.

Unsound move
CAN’T express how sorry I am that CellOPark has been replaced in Fremantle.
It was a free-to-use parking service that the council has decided to replace with a fee-paying one.Why?
This is not a decision in the public good, so I’m guessing it must be in the council’s interests or why change after so many years?
Address supplied

He’s one delusional Guy
IN the article “State sinks wave park” in last week’s Herald, our Alfred Cove ward councillor Guy Wieland continues to deride and stress out many of his electors.
Alfred Cove electors, almost en masse, have for three years fought the council’s decision to establish the wave park in Alfred Cove.
He suggests that the wave park would have been located on “straight grassed areas and bushland that is relatively deserted”?
Is he referring to the removal of the very viable Melville Bowls and Recreation Club?
Is he referring to the loss of “grassed areas” that are continuously being used by junior and senior sporting clubs?
Then he goes on to say that if the wave park failed, “The council could simply have filled the pool area, planted grass and created fields for other sports.”
Cr Wieland, many Alfred Cove ratepayers will agree that you have not represented the majority of your electorate at all.
Karl Kelers
Clydesdale Street, Alfred Cove

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