New branding for ‘sophisticated’ city

• Mayor Brad Pettitt and marketing whiz Linda Wayman sample a sauvignon at Strange Company; the small bar’s an example of the “sophisticated” hospitality scene they hope will attract more people to Fremantle. Photo by Steve Grant

FREMANTLE council launched its long-awaited destination marketing campaign on Thursday evening.

The campaign slogan “This is Fremantle” was unveiled to a crowd of government ministers, tourism industry officials and local business owners at the Maritime Museum, who were told it would be accompanied by a media blitz highlighting the city’s vibrancy and culture.

Mayor Brad Pettitt said the branding also captured the city’s independent spirit.


“Fremantle is different and we make no apologies for that – it’s why people love it,” Dr Pettitt said.

“People want things that are authentic, special and local, and this Freo brand captures that well.

“This new brand and the campaign to come is a reminder to everyone that Fremantle is an important tourism asset that attracts visitors from around the world, so it should be leveraged to market the whole state.”

The brand will be incorporated into the council’s maps, brochures and event programs, and will feature in new banners and signage throughout the city, while the council’s Fremantle Story and Visit Fremantle websites will be merged and social media platforms updated.

Six short videos will be shown on television, the web and big screens at Optus Stadium during Fremantle Dockers home games.

The council’s destination marketing working group chair Linda Wayman says apart from trying to entice Docker fans from other parts of the metropolitan area into the port city, pitching the message to locals was also important.

“Engendering pride in the brand, in Fremantle, is an important part of the branding,” Ms Wayman told the Herald.

Ms Wayman said her team had worked hard to engage local businesses, the chamber of commerce and residents to come up with a message that they could sell as “authentic”.

“What you get is not something that has come from an advertising agency, it comes from people who have a stake in Fremantle, who are business people and residents.

“That’s what creates that authenticity.

“Fremantle has a reputation for its artistic, creative and laid-back nature, but we wanted to capture the sophistication and polish that now exists within our city’s high-end boutique retail, fine dining, craft beer and hospitality scene,” Ms Wayman said.

Dr Pettitt said the campaign wasn’t a retreat from the city’s desire for a seven-day economy, but acknowledged the aspects targeted for promotion were predominantly leisure-related.

“I think the things that stand out are the things that being people in,” the mayor said.

Kings Square

“The staple seven-day-a-week stuff will be reinforced by the state government department moving in and the completion of the Kings Square redevelopment.”

The launch coincides with next week’s Australian Tourism Exchange conference in Perth, with newly-branded promotional packs and videos from Freo distributed to tourism industry buyers from around the world.

The council set aside $300,000 in its last budget to develop the brand, and deliver the initial marketing campaign to the interstate market. It has been working with Tourism WA and Destination Perth to promote Fremantle as part of statewide campaigns.


The logo.

One response to “New branding for ‘sophisticated’ city

  1. If a bland, beige and black, bold caps in an oblong black box is Fremantle, as it claims, why and how would that entice one to go there?
    I think Freo has a little more to offer than that… and the logo should indicate that. This certainly doesn’t. Angular modern it may be, but it doesn’t indicate fun, excitement, good times or any of the elements of Freo that make us love it and live here! Try again – please!

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