Letters 20.4.19

Bye, centre?
I WANT to send a big (sarcastic) thanks to the town planners that allowed Woolworths to build next to IGA in Coolbellup.
The site was originally intended to be an apartment block, bringing customers to the existing shops.
Somehow that was changed to become high-powered competition for the little retailers.
As many people feared would happen, our friendly local supermarket has now closed.
I have been shopping there for over 12 years and enjoyed the friendly interactions with staff and management.
I know I will not be the only one that will miss them.
Coolbellup is not a wealthy suburb and the loss of the cheap IGA offerings will hit many of us locals in the hip pocket, hard.
I only hope that this is not the end of the whole Coolbellup Shopping Centre.
Norman Berg
McKenize Road

Close call
IN January my husband and I were travelling in our Honda Civic from Fremantle to Shelley down Leach Highway.
We were in the centre lane, when a truck with a 40ft container was changing lanes. It side-swiped us.
We were carried across into the left lane, where fortunately no vehicle was coming.
The truck front wheel was at our driver’s window and we feared we would be drawn between the front and back wheels under the truck.
The driver took full responsibility and said he simply didn’t see us.
We use this road every day and more often than not we get sandwiched between two trucks – a frightening experience.
Under Colin Barnett’s government, Roe 8 was started, having passed all the environmental studies, and there were many. When Mark McGowan came to office he cowed to a handful of activists, with no consideration for the safety of those who use the Leach Highway.
If anyone doubts my fear, I invite them to take a trip down Leach Highway – and that includes Mark McGowan.
Lois and John Murdock
Riverton Drive, Shelley

Poor form
TODAY I received an unsolicited letter from Slade Brockman, a WA Liberal senator, including a form.
This forms request personal information including email addresses, phone numbers and security questions.
Brockman conveniently encloses a return envelope to himself – not the electoral commission.
Brockman and the Liberal party are not entitled to all that information.
The actual form provided by the commission, not that created by the Liberal party, indicates that the information you provided will assist the AEC with processing your application and postal vote and may be viewed by authorised staff and scrutineers. After the election the AEC is required to provide for inspection, your name, date of birth and residential address to eligible candidates and eligible registered political parties.
That is, additional information, such as email addresses and security questions/answers, are not available to political parties or candidates.
The reason Brockman and the Liberal party wants you to send your applications to them must be questioned.
Do not be fooled by the convenience of the enclosed envelope – applications can be sent directly to the AEC without a stamp, sent electronically or by fax.
Jim Meckelburg
Davies Street, Beaconsfield

Killer cats
THOSE of you from my generation will remember the packs of dogs roaming around chasing cats, cars, kids on bikes, and making a general nuisance of themselves.
Society moved on and now it is unsociable and illegal to let your dog roam around.
Most of us quickly adopted the idea that their dogs should be restrained but at the same time resisted any suggestion that cats should lose their freedom. Freedom to kill being a major part of an inconvenient truth.
We have a number of quenda living in our Leeming back yard and it is such a thrill to see them pottering around doing their quenda thing.
We have a female who had a full pouch and we were looking forward to seeing the young become independent. That was not to be.
Every night we have cats from all over the neighbourhood coming in stalking the quenda, and anyone who knows quenda, know they are oblivious to the danger cats present.
The older bandicoots can often get away, the young ones can’t. We have no surviving young joeys.
At this stage it is not illegal for cats to roam at night killing whatever they can.
The policy is to rely on “responsible ownership” and keeping cats in at night, which judging by my Bandicam is just not happening.
It seems cats have the right to kill, wildlife does not have the right to live.
My question to cat owners is this: Why should our wildlife pay the ultimate price for your love of your cat?
These days with diminishing native wildlife numbers, perhaps it’s time we brought in new laws preventing domestic cats from roaming.
And no I am not a cat hater. I own an adored Burmese cat who even comes caravanning with us.
He is an inside cat with a catio and cat run, and is walked on a leash.
I don’t like confining him but I like even less the indiscriminate killing carried out by cats.
For the sake of what wildlife we have left in the suburbs, let’s do our bit and confine our cats.
Jean Cleaver
Bowra Court, Leeming

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